Power Generation


Ion exchange resins are commonly used to demineralise make-up water in conventional fossil fuel fired power stations.  We now offer extensive IX resin testing services in our Brisbane laboratory. Periodic testing of ion exchange resin is recommended to ensure optimum performance from systems such as softeners, dealkalisers, condensate polishers, deionisers, ultrapure water systems and/or demineraliser systems. Resin analysis can be performed on any manufacturer's ion exchange resin.

 Typical testing & analytical services for IX resins include:

  • Moisture Retention Capacity
  • Bead Integrity
  • Minimum Vibrated Resin Density
  • Absolute Particle Density
  • Particle Size Distribution by Wet Sieve
  • Cation Salt Splitting Capacity
  • Cation Total Capacity
  • Anion Resin Total Capacity & Salt Splitting Capacity
  • Quantitative Organic Fouling of Anion Resins (Instrumental and/or TOC) 


  • AGL
  • Delta Electricity
  • NRG
  • Origin
  • Stanwell Corporation